#16: MLDublin meets Deutsche Bank @ Dogpatch Labs

- 1 min

Thanks to Deutsche Bank, Ray and the team, for sponsoring our July events. We were back at Dogpatch Labs, this time in the urban gardens.

Jean-Baptiste Fiot Quantitative Research Analyst at SIG
Electricity Demand Forecasting by Multi-Task Learning

In this talk, Jean-Baptiste will present his paper on the application of kernel-based multi-task learning techniques to forecast the demand of electricity measured on multiple lines of a distribution network.

John Kelleher Academic Leader at Dublin Institute of Technology / ADAPT Centre
Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Neural Machine Translation

This talk will provide an introduction to neural networks and how they are used for machine translation and concludes with some discussion on the current research challenges being addressed by neural machine translation (NMT) research. The primary goal of this talk is to give a no-tears easy to understand introduction to NMT.

Aniruddha Ghosh PhD Student at ADAPT Centre - University College Dublin
Magnets for Sarcasm: Making Sarcasm Detection Timely, Contextual and Very Personal

Sarcasm is a pervasive phenomenon in social media, permitting the concise communication of meaning, affect and attitude. Concision requires wit to produce and wit to understand, which demands from each party knowledge of norms, context and a speaker's mindset. Insight into a speaker's psychological profile at the time of production is a valuable source of context for sarcasm detection. Using a neural architecture, we show significant gains in detection accuracy when knowledge of the speaker's mood at the time of production can be inferred.

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