#17: MLDublin meets ADAPT @ The Innovation Acadmemy

- 1 min

For event #17 we were back a the Innovation Academy in Trinity College. Thanks to the ADAPT Centre for sponsoring the event this time. We fortuniate to have a great a line up of speakers from Sky and ADAPT.

Soumyabrata Dev Postdoctoral Researcher, ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin
Ground-based Image Analysis for Solar Energy Applications

Ground-based sky cameras (popularly known as whole sky imagers) are now widely used by remote sensing analysts for understanding the earth’s atmosphere. In this work, we use high-resolution sky cameras, to accurately estimate the total solar irradiance falling on the earth’s surface. We also use such sequence of images to estimate cloud motion fields, and thereby predict future locations of cloud with a lead time of a few minutes. Such machine-learning based estimation and forecasting techniques can greatly benefit the field of solar energy generation and forecasting.

Conor Duke Senior Insights & Analytics Manager, Sky Ireland
Factorisation Machines as a method for Content Recommendation.

Gary Munnelly PhD Candidate, ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin
The Cultured Machine

Digital Humanities is a cross disciplinary field in which computer scientists and humanities scholars work together to solve problems which are complementary to both domains. This talk will describe some of the problems faced in Digital Humanities from the perspective of a computer scientist and the various solutions which have emerged to handle the vast, complex, messy collections of data which document our cultural history.

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