#19: MLDublin meets Atlantic Bridge @ DogPath Labs

- 1 min

For #19 we organised the event with Atlantic Bridge Ventures. We covered how NLP is made approachable for industry by AYLIEN, neural machine translation for Farsi and morphologically rich langauges, an intor to PyTorch, and look into the world of robotics competitions.

Parsa Ghaffari CEO, founder at AYLIEN
Using NLP to understand human-generated content at scale

AYLIEN is an AI, NLP & Machine Learning startup based in here in Dublin. They provide Text Analysis & News API's that allow users to make sense of human-generated content at scale.

Peyman Passban NLP Researcher at ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University
Incorporating morphological information into neural machine translation models.

Henry Elder PhD Candidate at ADAPT Centre, Dublin City University
An introduction to PyTorch

Henry is a PhD student with the ADAPT Centre, focusing on neural nets and NLP with interests in natural language generation.

Conor McGinn Accelerating progress in robotics through competitions
Accelerating progress in robotics through competitions

The space race was the first major engineering competition of the modern age; it resulted in massive technical progress and it made science accessible to the masses. In efforts to push the state of the art in robotics, its proposed that similarly inspired competitions offer a compelling way to advance the field. This talk will explore the important role that competitions are playing in modern robotics research, and will review progress being made to develop a competitive team here in Ireland.

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