#20: MLDublin meets Optum @ Dogpatch Labs

- 1 min

For meetup #20, our final event for 2017, we focused in on Health. We teamed up with Optum to deliver a set of talks about: Deep learning for disease prediction, predict autoimmune disease flares, and genomics in healthcare. Thanks to Michelle and Dominik for their help and for the speaker.

Darragh Hanley Machine Learning Engineer, Optum
Deep learning for disease prediction

Brian Reddy Research Fellow in Data Science, Trinity Health Kidney Centre, School of Medicine and the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content
A big data approach to predict autoimmune disease flare using environmental and clinical interactions

ANCA vasculitis is a rare autoimmune disease, whose ‘flares’ can result in rapid kidney impairment and destruction of other organs. Flares cannot currently be predicted with accuracy. Epidemiological data support a strong environmental impact on flare risk, though it is unclear which factors are most relevant. We are using an unbiased big data approach in an attempt to define the ‘signature’ of the disease’s relapse. Environmental factors, such as infectious disease rates, weather and pollution, will be matched with patients’ locations, recorded by an app that we have developed. Clinical and biobank data will also be incorporated using semantic web approaches.

Kenneth Bryan Machine Learning/Genomics, Lead Scientist, Optum
Genomics in Healthcare
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