#14: MLDublin meets @ Zalando

- 1 min

We were thrilled to be back at Zalando for meetup #14, (big thanks to Deirdre and the team).

Ana Peleteiro Ramallo Data Scientist, Zalando
Recurrent Neural Networks for NLP

An introduction to RNNs, and why they are particularly useful for NLP problems. Including some use examples, as well as some up-skilling tips

Amelia Kelly Director of Speech Technologies, Soapbox Labs
Deep neural networks for high accuracy children's speech recognition

A look at acoustic modelling techniques used in speech recognition and how the adoption of deep neural networks have led to a breakthrough in accuracy results. New challenges faced by speech recognition for kids and how deep neural networks can be used to maintain high accuracy in these new conditions.

Annalina Caputo Research Fellow, ADAPT Centre
Diachronic Analysis of Language exploiting Google Ngram

The diachronic analysis of language studies the language evolution over time. An introduce some methods for the diachronic analysis that rely on Distributional Semantic Models built over Google Ngram. Preliminary results obtained for the Italian language and future work and challenges of this kind of analysis.

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