#12: MLDublin meets Accenture @ The Dock

- 1 min

We were excited and grateful to be hosted by Accenture at The Dock. Talks from: Mick Cooney, Atul Nautiyal, Scott Nowson.

Mick Cooney Senior Analytics Consultant, Barnett Waddingham LLP
El Dorado competition

Discussing the El Dorado competition ran by Dublin R last year. Unlike Kaggle which focuses on predictive accuracy, this competition tried to bring in more real-world aspects of the job.

Atul Nautiya; Post Doctoral Researcher, ADAPT Centre
Overfitting and Dropout

In this talk Atul will be explaining about Overfitting and how it can be handled especially using Dropout

Scott Nowson Consumer Analytics and AI Manager at Accenture The Dock
Helping computers understand us: Machine learning for personality trait recognition

Understanding who we are, and not just what we like, is key to enabling truly personalised services and experiences. This talk will present the application of machine learning techniques to the task of recognising an individual’s personality traits

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