#21: MLDublin meets IDA @ DogPatch Labs

- 1 min

We had IDA as sponsor for our two year anniversary meetup. With a lined up 3 speakers from ADAPT who shared their knowledge and insights on speech, dialog and interacting with machines.

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since we kicked off the meetup in Dogpatch and how much the event has grown. We’ve now got well in excess of 3000 members and we’ve done 20 meetups with an average attendance of 100 people. A big thanks to Machine Learning Dublin members for their support over the past two years. We are always looking for speakers and also ideas for theming or structuring the events so don’t be shy.

Christian Saam Researcher, ADAPT Centre, Trinity Colege Dublin
Taking to Machines: The System

Robert Ross Senior Lecturer, School of Computing, DIT and Funded Investigator with ADAPT
Dialogue Systems and Human Machine Interaction: The User

Emer Gilmartin Researcher, ADAPT Centre, Trinity Colege Dublin
The Conversation
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