#29: MLDublin meets Jet.com

- 1 min
Bugra Akyildiz Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Jet
Visual Search in E-commerce

Visual Search: how we made it possible for people to take a picture and search for similar products.

Hao Wu PhD Researcher, ADAPT Centre, TCD
Visual Search in E-commerce

A multi-modal retrieval task in TREC-Vid 2018 where we use given text segments as queries to find related images or videos and then make up to a story.

Matthew Roddy PhD Researcher, Sigmedia & ADAPT Centre, TCD
Multimodal Continuous Turn-Taking Prediction Using Multiscale RNNs

Design conversational turn-taking models that can aid spoken dialogue systems in producing naturalistic interactions. Predicting turn-taking using LSTMs and multimodal data.

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