#26: MLDublin meets Valeo @ DogPatch Labs

- 1 min
Mihai Ilie Deep Learning Team Lead, Valeo
Multitask Learning in the Automotive field

Rozenn Dahyot Associate Professor, Trinity College Dublin, ADAPT Centre
Distributed multi-sensor data fusion for 3D mapping and AI applications

Rozenn is a member of Graphics Vision and Visualisation Group (GV2) group part of the Intelligent Systems discipline in the School of Computer Science and Statistics, contributing to the Creative Technologies research theme and to the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology. And is currently serve as president of the Irish Pattern Recognition and Classification Society (IPRCS) and representative of the IPRCS on the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR).

Noel O'Connor Director, Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University
Computer Vision and AI for ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems)

Noel E. O’Connor is a Professor in the School of Electronic Engineering and Director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at DCU. He was previously Academic Director of DCU’s Research and Enterprise Hub, helping to define university research strategy for Information Technology and the Digital Society. He has published over 500 papers (Google Scholar h-index: 36), graduated 25 PhDs, made 11 standards submissions, filed 6 patents and spun off three companies. His research interests include computer vision, machine learning and content-based information retrieval. He is an Area Editor for Signal Processing: Image Communication (Elsevier) and an Associate Editor for the Journal of Image and Video Processing (Springer). Notable awards include the DCU President’s Research Award for Science and Engineering and Enterprise Ireland’s National Commercialisation Award for ICT.

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