#36.1: MLDublin lunch with Nuritas

- 1 min

We had a bonus lunch time event hosted in Nuritas offices.

Nora Khaldi Founder/CSO, Nuritas

Mathematician and bioinformatician Nora Khaldi, is the founder and CSO of Nuritas, a company disrupting therapeutic discovery through the use of AI, deep learning and ‘omics’ analyses. Under Nora's leadership, Nuritas has developed an unrivalled predictive platform for bioactive peptide discovery from food sources, which is fully integrated with in-house laboratories. Working in this way, Nora and Nuritas are opening new smarter, faster and more accurate pathways to discovery and have recently seen the launch of PeptAIde - the world’s first healthcare ingredient delivered through AI.

David Moloney Director of machine vision technology, Intel

David is a serial semiconductor and systems entrepreneur, who is the director of Machine vision at Intel Corp. A visionary technologist, David co-founded Movidius as CTO which went on to pioneer low-power embedded vision and neural network processing in edge devices before being acquired by Intel in 2016. At Intel, David and his team are exploring next generation applications and related hardware as well as engagement with the EU H2020 HiPEAC NoE. David also runs Intel’s Edge AI incubator for startups and mature companies who want to build products based on Intel-Movidius Myriad platforms.

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